Created in 1989 by two PhDs formed at the Poitiers University, ERM (Etudes-Recherches- Matériaux) is a totally independent company (Private Limited Company) working in two main fields: materials characterization and natural resources

Natural resources
Natural resources

Balanced management of water resources should allow preservation of aquatic ecosystems and wetlands, flow and continuity of surface and groundwater, protecting and restoring water quality with balancing human activities and interests of everyone.


From the competence of its personnel and its analytical ctools, the ERM company carries out recognized services of advise and expertise in the field of materials research in order to answer questions from companies and industries in a great number of fields.


ERM is an organization entitled to perform specialist training under the n° 54860033586. The activity of specialist training consists of a transmission of knowledge and techniques directly applicable in the professional world aiming to modify or improve the approach of a function, to adapt the activity of an organization to new requirements or to develop new competences. This activity can be accomplished either collectively in dedicated rooms, or in an individual or collective way directly on site.


EC labelling is mandatory since 1st of june 2004. The required certificate of conformity in system 2+ for the system of aggregates production (MPG) has to be delivered by a notified organism in accordance with European directive on Building materials (DPC - 21/12/88). Each producer can choose any notified organism in EU.

Research and Development
Research and Development

Main R&D themes treated are :

- Microtomography

- Relationship between alteration and U mineralization

- Sensor and moisture monitoring in Historical Monuments.

- Development of numerical modeling tools in hydrogeology

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